Help With Phone & Skype Sessions

Technology today has allowed us to become more accessible to each other when person-to-person sessions are inconvenient, not especially necessary or even cost-prohibitive.  Sessions can be arranged and therapy performed by phone, and now the ever-more-popular video conferencing using such programs as Skype, Apple Facetime and Google Hangouts. Since Skype works across most platforms like Apple, Windows and Android, we have chosen to use Skype for sessions that use video-conferencing. Skype is secure and your session is encrypted to prevent access to any of the information that you impart within the session.

To get started with Skype on your laptop you’ll go to (or use the link below) and download the Skype application (for free) onto your computer, and the program will walk you through the process of setting up a user name, and checking to see if your audio, video and internet connections are set up properly.

If you prefer to use Skype on your Android or OS device, simply download the Skype app and connect it to your account. Once you provide us with your username, we will send you a contact request. Accept the request, and then we’ll be able to call you for your sessions. Simply answer the call, and we’ll be connected face-to-face.

Learn more about how exactly to set up Skype for your particular device:


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