I am recently retired to a life of golf @ Turtleback Mountain Resort in New Mexico. I am now free to do what I want to do when I want to do it. Golf. My problem was that 40 years of work, 2 marriages and a couple of long term relationships had taken a toll on my body in the form of stress which made itself manifest as foot and back trauma. That pain was negatively effecting my game. Claudia saw all of that during our first session. She aligned and shape shifted me and helped me clear the root causes of my pain. Shot 42 the next day and was  pain free in the process. Working with Claudia was the most spiritually and physically cleansing experience of my life. What a treasure she is. I am so thankful that I met her.

 ~ Jack

One of the first things I noticed about Claudia Ragonesi is her fine posture, which is one of her gifts to her clients. She is a master practitioner in Spinal Touch, a gentle therapy which corrects posture and relieves back pain. After a career of working hunched over writing on charts, this therapy has been God Sent, I stand taller, and have no back pain. Unbelievable!

~ Joann Love MD

Claudia has helped me through several major life transitions associated with emotional and physical pain. I could not have succeeded in doing so without her gentle hands and ageless wisdom.  I am grateful to Spirit who brought her into my life and would recommend her work to anyone interested in growing emotionally and spiritually.  Be prepared to change!  Life is good.  Thank you.

~ Tim Wargo, M.D.

Claudia Ragonesi has demonstrated numerous times in a wide variety of situations her ability to help her clients in a meaningful way.  She is a compassionate, gifted healer with a depth of experience and skills that is exemplary.  Her gift of intuition is supported by a strong grasp of what needs to be done for the client.  From conditions of structural alignment to emotional imbalances she is masterful at her assessments and a proper course of treatment.  I highly recommend her services.

~ Ed Hubbel, Lic. Ac.

I had the opportunity to experience a series of three Spinal Touch sessions with Claudia Ragonesi.  As a Massage Therapist, I understand that trauma can be stored in the body, and I have worked with many clients that suffer from long term, chronic pain issues associated with injuries.  When I came to Claudia, I had some pain and tension in my right shoulder, mid-back, and hip areas that were caused by long term stress, as well as a traumatic car accident several years prior.  When I observed myself standing in the foot board, I began to realize just how distorted my posture had become.  Through the non-invasive work Claudia did, I began to experience less pain and better spinal alignment with each session.  The decrease in pain and improved posture continued in the days after the treatment.  It was truly remarkable!  I would recommend Spinal Touch therapy for a wide range of clients, including those who prefer a gentler hands-on approach but still want measurable results.

– Katin A. Keirstead, LMT

For 8 years I have lived with numbness and tingling in both hands brought on by a mild case of Multiple Sclerosis.   I have seen endless practitioners for healing and all to no avail.  I saw Claudia for treatment and after one session noticed a marked improvement.  My hands feel less thick and less numb – this is remarkable!  I finally have hope that my hands will feel normal again! In addition this experience has been transformative on a emotional level, helping me to open my heart and rid myself of unnecessary baggage!!!

Claudia is a devoted practitioner.  She is sensitive, caring and very present.  Her client is her priority – her results prove it.  Thank you Claudia.

~ Nancy Friedman, Greenland, NH, Yoga Teacher

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